How Does Playing Sports Effect Body, Mind and Soul?


Everyone wants to remain healthy and active. To achieve this goal we all spend lots of money on it. We all believe the statement that health is wealth. So to be healthy, we have to pay attention to our lifestyle. One of the healthier ways that help you to keep active and strong is playing sports. Playing Sports help people in three different ways:

(1) Effect on body
(2) Effect on the mind
(3) Effect on Soul

These are the three ways that effect positively on human beings. Lets explore these ways one by one and the benefits of playing sports.

Number # 1

Effect on Body

People who love to play sports find energetic change in their body. Athletes can control their weight with the help of doing daily exercise. Daily exercise keeps the body strong and helps to burn extra calories. It also helps to improve the functioning of cardiovascular system. Playing sports also help you to take proper nap and quality sleep. When cardiovascular system works correctly the chances of having diseases, related to cardiovascular and diabetes also decreases. Sports also help to improve your cholesterol level and make your bloodstream proper. In this way, your bones get stronger and sharper. So stronger your bones and muscles will be stronger will be your body. This is all about the positive impact of playing sports on human body.

Number # 2

Effect on the Mind

Playing sports positively impact on the mind. This habit makes you emotionally strong and energetic. With the help of sports, you can create the positive energy. Your mind works actively 24/7 and gives the good suggestions to others. Playing sports help you to reduce anxiety and depression and live a happier life. You can also do a good job as a counselor to help people who have addiction to drugs. You can be the good teacher and guide them to stay away from these negative things and thoughts.

Number # 3

Effect on Soul

Playing sports helps you to improve your spiritual life. You will feel calm and peace in your life. Sports help you to get more involved in the spiritual environment and find the true meaning of your existence on this planet. You will experience that you are becoming closer to the creator and find more excitement in nature. So the effect on soul takes you to the level that layman cannot achieve and experience.

It’s a great plan to play sports on a daily basis and be ready to get the positive impact of this healthier habit in your life. One important thing that is important to share with you is that related to the playing sports. Remember to choose those sports first which you feel easy to play.

1 thought on “How Does Playing Sports Effect Body, Mind and Soul?”

  1. Vincenzo Aliberti

    Coach Harp, mental toughness is required to survive and thrive in today’s world. I like what you said about how sports can positively impact your mind, body and soul. I have been involved in sports for 37 years, as a parent, coach and athlete, and the mental toughness, as you phrased it, via sports, can only make our youth much more resilient. Vincenzo Aliberti

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