Author name: Coach Harp

I am inspiring and motivating people who want to make a transformation in their life. I believe in the body, mind and soul concept. I am a keynote speaker, where I deliver my message to others that want to CHANGE in their life. It all starts with the right mindset and the will to change to invest in yourself. Anything possible to achieve, just depends on how bad you truly want it!!

Youth Empowering Ways & Techniques

Mostly, today’s youth think that “empowering” is an equivalent word for giving up all directions, control, and obligation regarding a project to the youngsters with whom they work together. Commonly, this approach is met with disappointment with respect to the youth, dissatisfaction with respect to the youth development expert, along with more confirmation that the …

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How does playing sports effect you when you have moved on to other things in life?

Playing sports has become the part of you. It effects on you both mentally and physically. If we talk about children, then for them it’s the activity that helps them to socialize. If we talk about adult or young people, then playing sports is the way of relieving anxiety and depression for them. So you …

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South Asian Sports Development Association (SASDA)

SASDA is the South Asian Sports Development Association, we are a new nonprofit agency working with the leaders of tomorrow and we would love your support in doing this through sport. We will be coaching these young people from grades 4-12 life skills, leadership skills, and a sense of community. Baseball, basketball, soccer, and football …

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